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Copyright 2017 Photo by Justin Burnette Yellows
tone National Park

Photo by: Justin Burnette at Yellowstone National Park. © 2017

As a relationship-focused music therapist, family educator, and family life coach for those experiencing stress and coping with stressors, I use music-based interventions and coaching elements that can guide you to your best Self. I work with groups and individuals of all ages and abilities who have goals or want to develop them. I aim to help you care for your mental health and developmental relationships. Maybe what I can offer will be therapeutic to you!

Creativity elicits freedom. Become a creator to feel your power.

Creator is the Opposite of Victim – The Power of TED

Planning for the future? Plan to be amazed!

inspired by the movie “Dan in Real Life”

I see you as a whole and powerful human being.

Since you are here and exploring my site, perhaps you can find more ways to support your developmental relationships and enhance your mental health or the mental health of those you care for.

I hope to inspire you and empower you. Contact me for a free 1-hour introductory discussion.

To learn more about the scope of practice in the music therapy field, check out the American Music Therapy Association. To learn more about Family Life Coaching, check out Family Life Coaching Association. And lastly to learn more about Family Life Education, check out National Council for Family Relations.

Latest from the Blog

Why is it so important to recognize and support the work in family coaching that sits at the intersection of academics, entrepreneurs, and innovation?

There isn’t just one intersection…The work that almost every member of the Family Life Coaching Association is doing sits at AN intersection of academics, entrepreneurship, and innovation. I think that our various strengths from experiences, interests, and qualifications create our unique intersection, and thankfully so. The variety of mixtures we see of academia, entrepreneurship, and…

Proposing a New Taxonomy Code for Family Life Coaches, Consultants, and Educators

Taxonomy codes are categorization numbers self-assigned to healthcare industries category in order for them to receive a National Provider Identification number. NPI numbers are assigned to businesses and individuals who identify themselves as HIPAA-compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) professionals that use “standard transactions, such claims, eligibility inquiries and responses, claim status inquiries and…

An Introduction to T.W.O

Trust Willingness Openness When learning differentiation in a relationship, these three elements can help you remember the “how.” And what do each of these practices entail? Flexibility and Creativity. Implementing new behaviors and thoughts is very hard to do. Our brains automatically respond and unconsciously cause us to act a certain way. One of the…

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